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For over 30 years, Gama has provided exceptional charter services, continuously reinventing the way our clients travel private. Our exclusive charter fleet of ultra efficient, intermediate and long-range business jets deliver comfort and luxury for all of your travel needs. Our charter flights are tailored to the passenger’s schedule, permitting substantial flexibility.

Gama charter services offer on-demand charter to a wide range of clients with specialized needs and to aircraft owners who wish to generate revenue to offset operating costs. Our company operates one of the largest managed charter fleets in the world, varying in size from sporty Citations and sleek Learjets to wide-body, long-range executive jets. Our Charter Sales divisions, based in the U.S, Europe, Dubai and Hong Kong, actively seek new clients and provide charter to regular customers who rely on our experience and professional services.

Business charter is the preferred travel method of the modern day. Today, airports are more congested and security is becoming more tortuous. With business aircraft travel, you bypass the normal queues and use dedicated facilities designed with one thing in mind; saving time. As a result, you’re able to spend more time doing the important things you need to achieve.

Gama Aviation acts as a charter broker for its owned and/or managed aircraft and as needed aircraft from audited vendors. Core sectors for charter aircraft are: Aeromedical, Financial Services, Music & Entertainment, Sports, High Net Worth individuals, Government representatives and Royalty. If you’d like to have control of your itinerary and without the constraints of scheduled airline’s rigid schedules, charter is your perfect solution.

We have made chartering a business aircraft simple and straightforward. There are a number of ways to book aircraft charter services these days, particularly online, but call us old fashioned, we have always preferred the human touch. Whether you choose to use an aircraft charter broker or come directly to us, you’ll always speak to a person, not an algorithm. On board, with the latest in-flight entertainment, our passengers find themselves in understated yet elegant surroundings with a range of services to remain productive.

From business jets that can fly direct from New York to Tokyo, to helicopters that can carry passengers for a series of business meetings throughout the day, our diverse, modern and efficient fleet is unrivaled in the industry.

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