Gama manages and operates one of the largest corporate charter aircraft fleets in the world.

To meet your every travel need, we offer a choice of the world’s finest aircraft — from light jets such as the Learjet 45XR to Gulfstreams and the Global 5000. The aircraft in this unique fleet are among the most luxurious in the world, with interiors that are beautifully designed and sumptuously outfitted.

In addition, you have access to hundreds more aircraft types through our preferred partners.

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Large Cabin

AircraftBaseCapacity (PAX)High SpeedRange (Nautical Miles)
Challenger 601HPN10528 mph3,020 nm
Challenger 601VNY9528 mph3,020 nm
Challenger 604BFI9562 mph3,718 nm
Challenger 604SJC9562 mph3,718 nm
Challenger 604TEB9525 mph4,118 nm
Challenger 605CHO12541 mph4,500 nm
Challenger 605SDL11541 mph3,970 nm
Falcon 2000BFI10521 mph2,975 nm
Falcon 2000 BJC8521 mph2,975 nm
Falcon 2000MDW9459 mph3,000 nm
Falcon 2000TEB9550 mph3,500 nm
Falcon 2000EXSBA9512 mph3,845 nm
Falcon 900BDR12550 mph3,400 nm
Falcon 900BMRY12536 mph3,620 nm
Falcon 900BOXC12550 mph3,995 nm
Falcon 900CUGN12536 mph3,450 nm
Falcon 900EXBFI14536 mph3,500 nm
Falcon 900EX EASyTEB14528 mph4,300 nm
Global 5000PBI10575 mph6,750 nm
Global 5000STL11580 mph5,200 nm
Gulfstream 550PBI15575 mph6,750 nm
Gulfstream 550TEB16575 mph6,750 nm
Gulfstream IVBDR12575 mph4,166 nm
Gulfstream IV-SPOPF13550 mph4,150 nm

Super Midsize

AircraftBaseCapacity (PAX)High SpeedRange (Nautical Miles)
Challenger 300BFI8541 mph3,100 nm
Challenger 300HPN9541 mph3,100 nm
Challenger 300UGN9541 mph3,100 nm
Citation SovereignBFI9528 mph2,640 nm
Citation SovereignMKE9528 mph2,640 nm
Citation SovereignMKE9528 mph2,640 nm
Citation XHOU8604 mph3,125 nm
Citation X+MKE8608 mph3,242 nm
Gulfstream 200HWD9517 mph3,067 nm
Gulfstream 200LAS8517 mph3,067 nm

Midsize Jet

AircraftBaseCapacity (PAX)High SpeedRange (Nautical Miles)
Citation Sovereign+PBI9527 mph3,200 nm
Gulfstream 100BFI8529 mph2,400 nm
Gulfstream 150OAK7517 mph2,622 nm
Hawker 1000SYR9512 mph2,830 nm
Hawker 900XPFDK8520 mph2,332 nm
Learjet 45HOU8502 mph1,968 nm
Learjet 60BDR7520 mph2,400 nm
Learjet 60HPN7510 mph2,500 nm
Learjet 60MCO7535 mph2,039 nm
Learjet 60XRHPN7535 mph2,269 nm

Light Jet

AircraftBaseCapacity (PAX)High SpeedRange (Nautical Miles)
Cessna CJ MKE5419 mph809 nm
Cessna CJ2SBA6452 mph1,263 nm
Citation II / 550SYR7409 mph1,220 nm
Hawker 400AMRY7539 mph1,180 nm
Hawker 400XTiEQY7518 mph1,235 nm
Hawker 400XTiFDK8518 mph1,235 nm
Premier 1LAS6531 mph850 nm

Air Ambulance

AircraftBaseCapacity (PAX)High SpeedRange (Nautical Miles)
Citation VCLT5489 mph1,220 nm
Citation VCLT6489 mph920 nm
King Air B200CLT7357 mph1,220 nm
King Air B200CLT4357 mph920 nm

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