VIP Service

One of the many reasons that discerning travelers choose Gama Aviation LLC is the level of service that simply cannot be matched elsewhere. The cabin attendants and crews are the best trained in the business, to exacting standards of service, safety and security.

Beyond VIP level service with a sophisticated touch, there is a mindset at Gama Aviation LLC that says, “Go the extra mile.” Which we do on a continual basis. With quicker response to our clients’ requests, at just a few moments’ notice, we’ll locate, reserve and prepare an aircraft for your itinerary.

Comfort that is Unparalleled in Private Aviation

What differentiates a positive jet travel experience from a superlative one — and what keeps our clients coming back — is a level of comfort that is truly rare in private aviation. Step on board your flight, and you’ll be welcomed by a friendly crew, because we specifically recruit professionals who are familiar with the customary demands of luxury service.

You’re then enveloped in a truly luxurious environment. Look around, and you can’t help but notice. Interiors are created by world-class designers. The finest leathers, wood veneers, furniture, fabrics and finishes combine practicality, comfort and style. Color schemes provide stylish and complementary atmospheres. Seating allows dining at tables for up to four, so your business or personal conversations can continue in a pleasant dining environment.

Speaking of dining, our carefully conceived menus include your choice of exquisite cuisine and select wines. And the reading materials, music, videos and exotic flowers are the ones you’ve specified in advance of your flight.

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