About Gama Engineering

Gama Engineering, the sister company of Gama Aviation LLC, began in 2008 with Line Maintenance Stations operating in Teterboro NJ, Bridgeport CT and West Palm Beach FL to their various customer bases. Engineering services and operations expanded into Las Vegas in 2010, Van Nuys in 2014 and Dallas in 2015. In 2016, Gama Engineering services expanded into Bedford, MA.

Gama Engineering keeps their hangar doors open to the major OEM’s due to their positive, long-standing relationship. This allows Gama to provide effective and efficient services to their customers; including their managed aircraft, charter and corporate fleet, as well as its drop in retail customer base.

Gama Engineering is the US maintenance division of Gama Aviation; a global business aviation services organization. Gama companies and affiliates hold EUOPS, FAA and UAE GCAA Charter Certificates; EASA, FAA and GCAA Part 145 Maintenance approvals; and collectively offer business aircraft management, charter and maintenance.

Gama’s engineering team has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of aircraft maintenance. The company’s experts provide the highest level of quality workmanship in compliance with the most stringent international regulatory requirements.

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