Transaction and Delivery Oversight

Delivery acceptance services:

We at Gama Aviation strive to bring aviation service and management to the next level: always aiming to exceed our customers’ expectations. Safety and Quality are at the forefront of our values and principles. Our comprehensive network of maintenance facilities located in key spots around the US gives us the capacity and expertise to assist our clients with the oversight of:

  • Major inspections.
  • Pre-purchase inspection for buyer or seller.
  • Records review.
  • Finance audits.

Our experts provide the highest level of quality workmanship in compliance with the most stringent international regulatory requirements. With an extensive portfolio of maintenance approvals and a highly qualified team, Gama Engineering provides a wide range of maintenance services from working with BBJ’s to the class leading Cirrus aircraft.

New and pre-owned aircraft delivery management including:

  • Full test flight and operational check of all systems.
  • Interior and exterior inspection to our exacting standards.
  • Documentation review and conformity to match your flight operation.
  • Assistance with entry into service requirements.
  • Arrange flight crews for delivery to home airport.
  • On board maintenance service to your home airport.

Trade in and pre-buy support and oversight:

  • Management of your aircraft in the trade in process to ensure you maximize trade value.
  • Oversee the pre-buy process, squawk approval, and invoice review.
  • Allow you the customer to enjoy the delivery process.

Onsite management of maintenance and refurbishment activities:

  • Oversee your aircrafts major inspection and refurbishments
  • Reduces cost by keeping your essential employees at home during long duration events.
  • Documentation and billing review.
  • Aircraft cosmetic inspection after returned to service.
  • Arrange post maintenance cleaning and detailing.

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