Our role is simple. We are here to facilitate your enjoyment of your aircraft and maintain its asset value. We will help achieve this in three ways. One, through our people and service style encapsulated in the Gama Way; two, through our agreed maintenance program; and three, through our extensive charter program. To deliver this we have the strength and depth you’ll need to support the asset.

As an aircraft owner for over 30 years, Gama Aviation understands the complexities that come with aircraft ownership and have tailored our aircraft management services from the experience we’ve gained.

We offer a comprehensive fleet management service, including, but not limited to, the provision of management and training of crew personnel, fuel, airworthiness, engineering oversight, insurance, hangar space, valeting, as well as all travel arrangements. Gama Aviation’s fleet management comprises over 150 aircraft located at 45 operating bases across five continents.

Our international experience of aircraft management, charter, maintenance and services is unrivaled and our skills are globally recognized. Our experience allows us to know exactly how to respond to the complex challenges associated with operating business aircraft. We are a one-stop provider for any and every need.

Wheels Up. Partnering on an entirely new business model.

Wheels Up is a revolutionary concept in private travel. In 2013, Wheels Up appointed Gama Aviation to be their air carrier and build their operations from the ground up. This includes all facets of flight operations, maintenance control, dispatch, logistics, accounting and flight following. For more information go to

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