Why is Gama Aviation LLC recommended by the world’s preeminent aviation safety consultancy?

While it is sometimes taken for granted that safety is the top priority of aviation services companies, the proof really lies in the programs and infrastructure that underpin the safety management system in any given company. At Gama Aviation, our safety culture is proven from the top down. Gama Aviation LLC has had a 30+ year relationship with the same FAA FSDO that we started with in 1984.

We are Wyvern Recommended, Blackbird Approved and ARG/US Platinum Rated. Gama Aviation LLC is one of a small and elite group of FAA Certificated FAR 135 operators to have an FAA Approved AC-120-66B Aviation Safety Action Program as well as an FAA AC-120 compliant Safety Management System. Our maintenance department is the recipient of the FAA Certificate of Excellence Diamond Award.

Our FAA compliant Safety Management System, which achieved level three in the FAA Pilot Program, contains all of the attributes and components of any U.S scheduled major airline, including:

  • FAA approved Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
  • Internal Evaluation Program (IEP)
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • Injury Illness and Prevention Program
  • Continuing Analysis and Surveillance Program
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Flight Operation Quality Assurance Program (FOQA)
  • Operational Fatigue Risk Management

The Safety Management System is governed and implemented by the Director of Safety, and staff, who has direct access to the Executive VP of Operations and the President with complete autonomy to conduct audits and investigations in any area of the company.

Overarching the Safety Management System is our ISO 9001-2015 registration. ISO is a commercially focused system of continuous improvement in every area throughout the organization that uses ANI Event Log System and Root Cause Analysis to drive corrective actions and continuous improvement.

At Gama Aviation, safety is not just a concept, it is a commitment.

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