SMS and Safety in the Workplace

Without a safe and secure work environment, this business cannot be successful. Being professional is not a part time job. It means performing in a professional manner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To consider yourself a true professional you cannot selectively choose when to act professionally and when not to. Our Operational Safety Objectives are based on a mindset, Just Culture as well as an attitude, and are further defined and tracked in our ISO Safety Metrics. Being a true professional should include conducting yourself in a way that is second nature without any special prompting.

Senior management fully supports this air carrier’s anonymous safety-reporting program and ASAP program as defined in the Operations and Safety Management System and encourages all employees to participate when able. Our hazard reporting program allows employees to identify and report safety hazards or issues, anonymously if desired, (non-retribution policy) on the reporting of hazards without the fear that their statements will be used to take action against them, or that the company will use such information to take disciplinary action. Illegal acts, intentional violations of regulations, gross negligence intentional misconduct etc. are considered as actions by an employee that are not covered by the non-retribution policy. Gama has established an emergency response plan that has been designed to provide for the safe transition from normal to emergency operations in accordance with the requirements of the FAA SMS-VP, 5.27. Lines of accountability and responsibility for achieving safety and quality goals have been established through the SMS and ISO system. Every employee is responsible to act in a safe manner and to report unsafe activity to their supervisor. Managers will be held accountable for safety, security, and quality performance in the areas of their expertise and authority.

Our company has developed a Safety Management System and a Just Culture safety philosophy that is explained in detail throughout our manual system. Defined within our ISO system and its Quarterly Management Reviews is the process for setting corporate safety and quality goals. Further, the Accountable Executive will regularly review the SMS/Safety Policy during the quarterly Safety Meetings using ISO Process MN-FO-03 to ensure that the SMS remains relevant and appropriate to Gama’s operations. Gama Aviation’s Accountable Executive is committed to providing the required resources to achieve the company’s safety goals. For this system to be successful employees must understand and accept the fact that there is an Accountable Executive mandate for compliance with all regulatory requirements, governing statutes and regulations. Gama Aviation’s Accountable Executive is responsible to insure compliance with the laws, regulations and policies of the state and federal governments.

Paying close attention to operational safety will insure the safe and efficient conduct of our business. This is professional conduct and the only acceptable method of the performance of this function. There is no other acceptable method. By properly integrating our safety philosophy into our daily routine we will create a safer and more orderly work environment that commits this organization to ensuring and fulfilling the company safety objectives and that safety and quality are core values and a priority in all phases of the operation. Unsafe employee conduct is unacceptable under any conditions and such behavior will/can result in disciplinary action being taken against any employee that acts in said manner.

Safety, security and the continual improvement process is the responsibility of each employee regardless of their position in the organization. In an effort to ensure that all employees are aware of the vital role that they play in safety, security, quality and the continual improvement process the company will communicate this subject matter via training programs, lectures, memos, the company safety newsletter and the company website.

Continuous improvement is critical to the success of the SMS and ISO programs. The management representative for ISO and the Director of Safety are instrumental in accomplishing the design and management of company processes, procedures and systems. The executive management team will be responsible to make the final decision with regard to balancing resources against company requirements. The Director of Safety has the responsibility for safety, security, and the quality goals of the organization. Gama senior management is committed to provide the necessary financial and personnel resources to ensure the implementation and success of the safety management system.

This safety policy is documented and has been communicated throughout the entire Gama organization.

Thank you.

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