Safety Management Systems

Operational safety and quality are the primary goals of Gama Aviation LLC. Our operational safety and quality objectives are based on a mind-set, just culture and a way of life as well as an attitude. This just culture is further defined in our Safety Management System policy. Gama Aviation LLC senior management has made the commitment to provide the necessary financial and personnel resources to ensure the success of our Safety Management System.

By properly integrating our safety and quality philosophy into our daily routine Gama Aviation LLC has created a safer and more orderly work environment that commits this organization to ensuring that safety and quality are core values and a priority in all phases of our operation. Evidence of Gama Aviation LLC’s industry leadership is based on its compliance and registration with the following industry safety and quality standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Registration
  • FAA SMS Pilot Program Level III Compliant
  • FAA SMSVP Compliant
  • Air Charter Safety Foundation Level III Compliant
  • IS-BAO Level III Compliant
  • ARGUS Level III Recommended and Compliant
  • Wyvern Recommended and Compliant

Gama Aviation LLC has insured through employee training that safety, security and the continual improvement process is the responsibility of each employee regardless of their position in the organization. In an effort to ensure that all employees are aware of the vital role that they play in safety, security, quality and the continual improvement process the company actively communicates this subject matter via lectures, memos, the company safety newsletter and the company web site. Continuous improvement is critical to the success of the SMS and ISO programs. The management representative for ISO and the Director of Safety are instrumental in accomplishing the design and management of company processes, procedures and systems. The executive management team is then responsible to make the final decision with regard to the balancing of resources against company requirements.

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